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Fortnite is currently one of the most popular games in the world. With millions of people battling it out to get that W, everyone wants to get their win in style. With plenty of different cosmetic items to collect in-game, standing out from the rest of the millions of players is key. Yet with V-Bucks costing a small fortune, buying them isn't always a sensible option.

Let’s face it, the default Fortnite skins and glider SUCK. Not only does it scream “Hey everyone I’m a noob!” but it also lacks personality and character. If you really want to enjoy Fortnite, then you have to unlock the in-game cosmetic items such as the cools skins, emotes and pickaxes. Not only do they add a new level of depth to the game but they are also incredibly fun and entertaining. Who doesn’t want to dab and floss every time you get a kill? Yet with plenty of new items being added to the game every single month, keeping up to date with the latest skins and items can be expensive.

Luckily, you’ve managed to find the only legit Fortnite V-Bucks generator that will create those precious V-Bucks out of thin air. With hundreds of people already using it every single day, what are you waiting for?

The generate requires no password or login details for your account, you can be rest assured you’ll never get hacked. The generator only needs your account name so it knows where to send the V-Bucks and that’s it. Just sit back and put your feet up while you wait for the thousands of V-Bucks to be transferred into your account. No asking for payment details, and no dirty tricks, just a quick and easy way to thousands of free V-Bucks.

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